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Online Store わざっか本舗 INDENE?


Online Store わざっか本舗 INDENE?



Specialized for new style kimono and kimono items (underwear, sandals, bags etc.)

We manufacture and wholesale kimono items for both formal and casual occasions for more than 60 years. In addition to support Japanese traditional celebration ceremonies, we develop new original products which fuse the current era and the tradition to make a new style such as “Denim Kimono” and western style belt for kimono etc. We have successful experiences of collaboration with many companies to propose and manufacture products based on their needs and requests.

For companies that want to handle traditional Japanese taste products and kimono items

We will listen to the requests of the companies that have made inquiries both domestically and internationally, and propose products and plans for the project. We have various achievements (general store, costume rental store, event planning, mail order product planning, internet order product planning, beauty salon) regardless of the type of business.

New Challenge

While cherishing the good old days of kimono culture, we have challenged manufacturing and planning to make Japanese traditional kimonos familiar, such as denim kimono “Meguru”, with the idea of “ask the old and know the new” in line with the times. Our new idea of products has been very well received by our business partners and customers

Brand Lineup

Business 01 -

We have set up a manufacturing base in Kyoto, and our own bag and accessory craftsmen handle everything from sample making to manufacturing. Since it is our own factory, we can quickly handle from sample making to manufacturing of the project requested by the company. We have a track record of making products for OEM(Original Equipment Manufacturing) regardless of type of business.

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Business 02 -
Denim Kimono “Meguru”

Japanese tend to follow traditional ways of wearing kimono. However, without being bound by the traditional stereotypes of kimono, you can create “individuality” by dressing with free ideas. Because “Denim Kimono” is made of denim fabric, you can enjoy kimono as a fashion item like denim jackets and jeans. We launched with the concept of “easily enjoying kimono”.

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Business 03 -
Collaboration with Hawaiian Shirts bland “reyn spooner”

“reyn spooner” is a pioneer of Hawaiian shirts, and even after nearly 60 years, it is still Hawaii’s leading brand. We started to collaborate with “reyn spooner” ,and will continue to propose original products centered on Japanese clothing such as yukata, jinbei, and small bags and miscellaneous goods. We also have a track record of being published in magazines.

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Business 04 -

With the concept of “creating an atmosphere where you can enjoy kimono,” this is a product approach that uses in crowdfunding and EC sites. As a Direct-to-Customer project, we plan and sell it in-house. This is an initiative to utilize the experience gained here for collaboration between companies and OEM product proposals.

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Business 05 -

We wondered if there would be anything useful in the world during this with-Covid-19 era. We have launched the “Amabie Project” so that we can contribute to organizations, companies, stores, etc., through cleaning business with anti-virus, anti-bacterial, anti-mold, deodorant processing and solvent sales. We also carry out social contribution activities such as washing elementary school uniforms and blankets in shelters.

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